It's a Wrap!

The best thing about a wrap knitting pattern is that you don't really have to worry about fit. In some ways, a knit wrap is a big scarf. Of course, you still have to check your gauge, etc., but there aren't any fit issues to consider.  No sleeves to fit.  No wondering if it should fit tighter or maybe a bit looser. And, barely any finishing!

The second  best thing about knitting a wrap is that when you're done, you have a great looking coat/sweater/scarf/shawl to wear.  Let's face it, a wrap fits the bill for all of the aforementioned.  While it is a bigger piece, because of the open stitch, it won't weigh you down.  Throw it on, look good, feel warm and comfortable.  The Van Dyke Wrap offers style and is comfortable to wear while keeping you warm.  

wrap to knit

The Van Dyke Wrap offers style and is comfortable to wear while keeping you warm.  I knit the first sample in Peace Fleece in the color Father's Gray. It's simply called Peace Fleece worsted and it's 75% Merino and 25% mohair.  The trained eye can tell where I ran out of yarn on the right front and had to use a different dyelot.  Oops!

The other great thing about the Van Dyke wrap is that while not difficult, there is a variance in the pattern stitch to keep your interest. You will fall into a nice rhythm while knitting. You may remember my other wrap, from last year called, It's a Wrap, Ruana that is also a nice pattern stitch.

knit ruana

Of course I have a video to guide you in your efforts to knit the stitch for the Van Dyke Wrap.  I think that you'll find the stitch to be pretty easy. However, it's always good to add a life line when knitting a pattern stitch. Follow the video below for directions.

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