Adding a Life line to your Knitting

Hello Knitters,

I think that one of the great things that knitting provides us is the ability to sit quietly by ourselves or with friends and have a little down time.  And, to top it all off, you have something to show for your time, even if it's just a row or two.  If you're lucky, you can knit while watching tv or having a conversation.  It's a little time out in our hectic pace.

Of course, there is nothing worse than having that serenity disturbed.  Maybe it's a phone call or the doorbell that interrupts you.  Maybe it's someone in your house wanting to know what there is to eat.  Or, maybe the dog has just got into the garbage. Ok, you've put out that fire and now you can knit again.
But, uh oh, "where did I leave off?"
"I think that I'm on Row 3.  Yes, I'm sure of it. "
You calmly finish the row only to find that you're supposed to end with a Knit 3 and you only have 2 stitches left.
"What did I do wrong?!?!"
Ok, you tell yourself, first, don't panic.
"I'll calmly count back and see where I made my mistake.  Oh, here it is.  Oh no, I just made it worse!  I'd better stop.  Darn! It's 3pm on a Sunday and I can't get to the yarn store until Tuesday! Wait, let's think clearly here. I can ask that woman at work who knits for help.  No, she's on vacation.  Ugh!  I want to knit now! "
Does any of this sound familiar?  Watch this video and see if it might help. Click here for a Pictorial Guide for extra help.

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